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Insolvency Services

If your business is facing insolvency or you simply need to manage a difficult cash flow situation, the advice of an insolvency expert can make a huge difference to the outcome, and help your company become profitable again.

It pays to act quickly so that you can understand your options, however, as contrary to a common belief insolvency does not necessarily mean the end for your company. A range of insolvency solutions may be available that streamline the business, provide more time to pay, or remove the threat of creditor pressure.

Handpicked Accountants will put you in contact with a trusted insolvency advisor in your area. They can help you develop an insolvency management plan at any stage of business, whether officially insolvent or not, and provide the professional support needed at such a worrying time.

Taking back control

The decline into insolvency can happen so quickly that it becomes a huge shock for directors. You are so busy trying to negotiate with creditors and deal with the debt that there is no time to drive sales or move the business forward.

When crisis hits you need the backup and support of someone you trust, so let us help you find that professional insolvency expert.

  • Obtain tailored advice if you are worried about allegations of misconduct
  • Prevent further decline if your company is struggling with a seemingly insurmountable debt problem
  • Reduce the risk of personal liability
David Tattersall

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Hi there - I'm David from Handpicked Accountants. If you need help finding the right accountant, simply give me a call. My expertise is in connecting business owners with the very best professional services and I'm on hand to assist you today.


  After 3 months of searching various websites and numerous meetings with an array of accountants we quickly realised we needed someone to help us find a perfect match. Handpicked Accountants took less than 24 hours to find the perfect accountant for our company. Kerry Sharpe Kerry Sharpe Luminex Groundworks - Leeds
  I was looking for an accountant and found one, thanks to Handpicked Accountants. Jeremy Falwell Jeremy Falwell Managing Director - Falwell Finance

The key to a successful accountant-client relationship is communication, which means proximity is key. Using our simple search facility, you can quickly find a trusted, reputable accountant in your local area.


Your search results are in; now it's a case of reviewing your list of Handpicked Accountants and deciding what's most important to you – maybe location is paramount; somewhere you can access easily on your daily commute? Or maybe you're looking for a specific accountancy service? Deciding isn't always easy; so we're here to help too.


You may wish to contact one accountant, or multiple accountancy practices. Either way, you can do so safe in the knowledge that Handpicked Accountants only lists verified, trustworthy and fully regulated accountancy firms that have proven to offer exceptional service. There are three ways to connect; either on the phone, by requesting a call back, or a simple email enquiry form.


You are now connected with an excellent, local accountant and the start of a new working relationship has begun. We recommend meeting your accountant in person as soon as possible to discuss your business and aspirations for the future – and don't forget to mention that Handpicked Accountants has brought you together!

I get it… Find me an accountant

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