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Audit & Assurance Services

An audit consists of an independent comprehensive evaluation of a company’s financial reporting, including an analysis of its books, records, and accounts. The aim of an audit is to verify that a company’s financial statements represent an accurate and fair picture of its financial and operational position both to an internal and external audience.

As an audit ensures accuracy of the financial information held on a company, this consequently allows for decisions to be made which are informed by verifiable facts rather than best guesses or approximations. Not only can this lead to better decisions but it can also instil greater investor confidence during times of change, or provide transparency when finances become pressured.

In a time of ever increasing regulatory complexity, having a trusted and experienced auditor to oversee your company’s financial statements is vital in ensuring your company adheres to its reporting requirements, as well as providing an objective overview of your business.

A good auditor will take time to understand your business and how it operates, paying particular attention to the industry you are working within and the specific challenges or stresses you face as a company or organisation as a result. You should demand a bespoke and tailored service to ensure you get useful and valuable insights into your business and its current performance within the marketplace.

For some companies an audit is a legal requirement, for others it is a valuable exercise in gleaning a complete and independent picture of a company’s financial position. Regardless of the reasons behind you seeking an auditor for your business, trust is absolutely paramount. Each and every accountant listed on Handpicked Accountants has been selected by our panel of experts for their superior levels of knowledge, professionalism, and client service, meaning you can trust our recommendation when seeking to enlist an audit or assurance professional for your company’s affairs.

As well as being able to offer bookkeeping and accountancy services, our network also includes a selection of accountants who are able to provide independent auditing and other assurance services. Call Handpicked Accountants today on 0800 063 9258 for further information.

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Hi there - I'm David from Handpicked Accountants. If you need help finding the right accountant, simply give me a call. My expertise is in connecting business owners with the very best professional services and I'm on hand to assist you today.

  After 3 months of searching various websites and numerous meetings with an array of accountants we quickly realised we needed someone to help us find a perfect match. Handpicked Accountants took less than 24 hours to find the perfect accountant for our company. Kerry Sharpe Kerry Sharpe Luminex Groundworks - Leeds
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The key to a successful accountant-client relationship is communication, which means proximity is key. Using our simple search facility, you can quickly find a trusted, reputable accountant in your local area.


Your search results are in; now it's a case of reviewing your list of Handpicked Accountants and deciding what's most important to you – maybe location is paramount; somewhere you can access easily on your daily commute? Or maybe you're looking for a specific accountancy service? Deciding isn't always easy; so we're here to help too.


You may wish to contact one accountant, or multiple accountancy practices. Either way, you can do so safe in the knowledge that Handpicked Accountants only lists verified, trustworthy and fully regulated accountancy firms that have proven to offer exceptional service. There are three ways to connect; either on the phone, by requesting a call back, or a simple email enquiry form.


You are now connected with an excellent, local accountant and the start of a new working relationship has begun. We recommend meeting your accountant in person as soon as possible to discuss your business and aspirations for the future – and don't forget to mention that Handpicked Accountants has brought you together!

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