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Managing Cash Flow with Handpicked Accountants

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is one of the most important challenges for a successful business.

Positive cash flow will allow you to meet your payment obligations to suppliers, the taxman and staff on time, while also allowing you to take on additional work and grow your business.

Even successful businesses can suffer from bad cash flow from time to time; it may only take one late payment from a major client for problems to arise. By keeping a close eye on the state of your cash flow, you can help plan for late payments and ensure you have enough of a buffer to help you navigate this situation should it arise.

Handpicked Accountants can put you in contact with an accountant local to you, who understands the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow. Understanding your cash flow situation and where improvements can be made is a vital component in the continued growth of your business. Benefits of enlisting the help of an accountant when it comes to managing your cash flow are numerous and include the following:

  • Analysing the current financial state of your business and, from this information, produce regular cash flow statements to ensure your business stays on track.
  • Providing you with valuable insights and recommendations to help your cash flow continue to run smoothly.
  • They will also be able to advise whether your business could benefit from additional funding, and if so, suggest the most suitable type of finance for you and your business.

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