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The benefits of using social media to build your business

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8th September, 2022 - General
The benefits of using social media to build your business

The benefits of using social media to build your business in this digital age are endless. This new 'always on' generation offers us, as individuals and businesses, plenty of opportunities. But how? Firstly, there are over four billion social media users worldwide. That's four billion people you can introduce to your business, showcase your products, or offer your services to. 

Social media is an easily accessible, cost-effective, and fast way to market your business. Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy is a no-brainer to most. Do you know about all the benefits of social media for business?

Use social media to grow your business

Social media can be used as a tool to send traffic to your website. Optimising your profile to include a website link is essential to point potential customers back to your site. You can also use social media to share website content through, such as your blog, to secure readers.

Both B2B and B2C marketers can also utilise social media for lead generation, driven by ads, offers and testimonials.

Use social media to build your brand

There are many ways to build your brand on social media. Social media is fantastic for building brand awareness. Brand awareness is essential for any business as it refers to how consumers can recognise your brand in any situation.

One of the ways to build brand awareness is to use personality. Nearly 60% of consumers prefer brands that have strong personalities and have even made purchasing decisions based on this. Social media is great for this because of the multiple types of content you can publish.

For example, Instagram gives users the option to post static images or videos on either their feed or story, which expires after 24 hours. Stories are good for quick updates, whereas posts are more suitable for promotions or professional posts. 

Staying active on social media ensures your customers are thinking about you. Most social media users will check their profiles and engage every day. One post a day can make a difference and keep you on top of people's minds. 

Use social media for insights

Social media platforms have extremely rich reporting capabilities, from insights into age and times active. Each social media platform offers detailed insights that can provide information that can be used to make smarter business decisions. There is a lot of information online about how to understand, manipulate and utilise social media analytics. 

Social media can also inform you about how people feel about your brand. Social listening can show you what you're doing right, but also what you're doing wrong. There are basic ways to do this, like searching your business name on social media platforms.

But there are also lots of tools online that will extensively search for mentions and remarks about your brand.

Businesses can utilise social media for plenty of reasons. In this article, we explored three key uses, but there are many more applications. Social media has the potential to make you 'go viral' but it also allows you to connect with customers, keep your eye on competitors and boost sales.

This article was written for Handpicked Accounts by Kelsey Pilkington at whY-us?

Kelsey Pilkington
Written by: Kelsey Pilkington -
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Kelsey Pilkington is a marketing executive at whY-us? Sales Management Marketing Solutions. She specialises in social media strategy and management, as well as supporting clients with a range of marketing advice.

This article was written for Handpicked Accounts by Kelsey Pilkington.

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