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Write for Handpicked Accountants

Write for Handpicked Accountants

As a member of our highly respectable network, Handpicked Accountants, we would like to invite you to share your thoughts, media reactions, professional commentary and thought leadership articles. If you are a Handpicked Accountant and hold a profile on our website, we want you to write for us.

The Handpicked Accountants website connects business owners, contractors, freelancers, locums and self-employed professionals with reputable accountants across the country. The website functions as a starting point for many businesses in the hope of finding an accounting solution.

To make this process easier and more engaging, we want to point them in the right direction through authoritative features packed with expert opinions, creative self-help blog posts and the latest developments in the world of accountancy.  Our aim is for our content to capture the personality, character and specialist knowledge of all our Handpicked Accountants.

Our website receives over 10,000 hits per month and as we continue to build our network of reputable accountants, our readership base is growing rapidly. As an established platform which is home to 1,000+ accountants, we want to give you a voice and establish our website as a library for business owners, sole traders and SMEs.

Am I eligible to write for Handpicked Accountants?

In order to be eligible as a contributor, your accountancy firm must be listed on the Handpicked Accountants website. If you would like to be considered as a Handpicked Accountant and register as a contributor, please complete the registration form.

What topics can I write about?

We want you to write quality content on topics which directly relate to business owners. Whether it’s a change in legislation, the release of a new report, or the introduction of a new HMRC tool; share your knowledge, expertise and opinion directly with our readers.

From changes in legislative measures such as the IR35 reform in the public and private sector, to Making Tax Digital – we want to hear your thoughts on how this affects company directors. The annual Budget Statement is also a notable event for business owners as the Chancellor of the Exchequer unveils the financial plans for the coming year.

If you are a Handpicked Accountant looking to spread the word or attract more exposure on your written view of the industry, write for us.

I am a Handpicked Accountant – how do I contribute?

It’s simple. Pitch your article concept(s) to and we will respond to you as soon as we can. Please note, we can only accept submissions if you are a member of Handpicked Accountants. If you would like to join the network, complete the registration form here.

Do you have any editorial guidelines I should follow?

Yes. All content should be clearly written, proofed and checked for grammar, punctuation and spelling. We take pride in the quality of our content and we aim to deliver fresh, up-to-date information through our guest submissions. Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Word count: 500 – 1000 words
  • Include title and subheadings
  • Use bullet points or a numbered checklist, if appropriate
  • Include a short author bio
  • Content should be non-promotional and informative
  • Content should be unique and not published elsewhere online

Our tone of voice is professional and friendly. Our content is written in an easily digestible manner for our readers and cuts through the complexity and jargon. As a guest contributor, feel free to channel your own tone of voice as it’s your personality and knowledge that readers are looking for.

We are looking for thoroughly researched, expert content which is uniquely written, creative and informative for our users - your prospective clients. Please note that all content should be original. Content published on the Handpicked Accountants website cannot be republished elsewhere.

We are happy to attribute content to the author and feature a short bio which will link back to your Handpicked Accountants profile and your company website.

For more information on becoming a Handpicked Accountants contributor, email

Privileges of joining the Handpicked network

  • More Clients & Growth
  • Free Marketing
  • Trusted Recommendations
  • Free Google Listings
  • Backed by Begbies Traynor
  • More Credibility
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